My first impression when I arrived to Cusco

“Wow! Look at the wonders of the world,” I said to myself as soon as I got to the city of Cusco.

After not being able to sleep for eight hours during the 11 days I spent in Miraflores, Lima, on Jan. 15 at 8:35 a.m. I got on a Cusco StarPerú Airline plane.

Discovering the wonders of Peru.

Discovering the wonders of Peru.

at the wonders of the world

During the flight, the flight attendants gave me a box with snacks. When I opened it there was a chocolate cake and a croissant with ham and cheese inside, it was a rich and unexpected snack. I asked for an Inka Cola to drink, which is a soft drink originating from Peru. During my days in Miraflores I had not tried it and I could not leave Perú without tasting it.


Between eating and closing my eyes on the hour of the flight, I opened my eyes and saw the mountains and wildlife from the airplane’s window. It was then that I realized that we were there.

When we arrived in Cusco I heard many people complaining of dizziness because of the altitude of the city. I did not feel anything at first but when I was picking up my suitcase, my professor Teresa Puentes offered me coca leaves and I took several and put them into my mouth to avoid dizziness. With my suitcase and ready to go to the hotel, I was curiously watching how the hotel employers put my classmates suitcases and mine on the roof of the bus.

On the ride, all you could see were the mountains everywhere.

When we arrived at the Hotel Hatun Wasi, located at 340 Plateros Street, I slept for an hour and a half.

I visited historical places near the hotel. The Convent of Santo Domingo of Cusco, best known as the temple of the sun, was one of the places I got to see. It was sacred to the Incas because they built it. I feel privileged to have been able to see such a place with my own eyes.


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