Journalists can overcome any obstacle

During my trip to Peru I had the opportunity to visit El Comercio, the country’s largest newspaper, where an average of 100 thousand copies are printed daily. I found it interesting to see how a newspaper that was founded 175 years ago works.


News Editor at El Comercio, Fritz Du Bois talking to Columbia College Chicago students.

However, it was more interesting to have met the news editor at the journal, Fritz Du Bois. I didn’t know what had happened to his right arm but I knew that Du Bois was a person to admire.

An editor with out an arm?

The first thing that came to my mind that day was that although many people have visible disabilities and others don’t, those obstacles can be overcome. Maybe anyone who sees me thinks that I’m perfect, but no, I’m not.

Five years ago I came from Puerto Rico to learn English, which I’m still improving. It was not easy to come to an unknown country where often times people judge you or look at you strange. It feels uncomfortable. So, I imagine how Du Bois feels when he notices people look at him differently for not having an arm.

Despite the hurdles, Du Bois has learned to live that way.

I now have less of a complex even though it’s difficult for me to pronounce certain words or write in English. But after my visit to El Comercio I learned that life goes on.

Seeing that some of my classmates could not communicate in Spanish in this country, I realized that one is born in a place and with the intended language. And while some think they know and speak a little Spanish and I speak a little English, I think I should be proud of myself and not ashamed of anything or anyone.

The person who always manages to fight without surrendering is the person who will reach their goal!


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