Money Exchange Experience in Peru

Why do people have to exchange money when they visit a foreign country?

Money-exchangers in Miraflores, Lima.Photo by Sylvia Obén

What is the purpose of it?

That’s the first thing I asked myself over and over when I visit other countries.

In the world exist a total of 182 different exchange rates. One of these exchanges is the Peruvian Sol.

In Puerto Rico I use dollars like in the United States. That’s why before going to Peru, I found out about exchanging money and how many suns I would get for every dollar.

Exchange rate: Nuevo Sol

• $1 = S. / 2.80

• S. / 1 = $0.36

Money Change place in the district. Photo by Sylvia Obén

The journey began: Walking through the streets of Miraflores in Lima, looking for money-exchangers, I realized the large amount of people providing this service. It was that large that they were standing one next to each other. Nonetheless, it was easy to find them, although I warned myself not to trust everyone because I could have received counterfeit money. Luckily the district is one the safest according to the news. According to the newspaper “El Comercio,” the other two districts to exchange money safely are San Isidrio and San Luis.

There are also places like banks that are dedicated to this.

Since it is my fourth time traveling to a foreign country and the technology has advanced I decided to download an application on my phone to make sure I was getting the right exchange and how much money I was spending. This is a great way to keep spending under control.

I hope someday we all can use dollars or the same currency all over the world, and in this way avoid having to do calculations or using a converter application.


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