How-to-make a “causa limeña”

With my stomach rumbling and no clue where to eat during my second day in Peru, my classmates and I remembered a link that our professor, Elio Leturia, had posted on Facebook. It was a photo gallery from The Daily News that depicted the top eight Peruvian dishes we should try while abroad.

Some of the dishes in the pictures were lomo saltado (beef in soy sauce, onions, tomatoes and peppers served with white rice and French fries), ceviche (a lemon-based raw fish), and ají de gallina (a dish consisting of chicken, peppers and heavy cream served with white rice). Recalling these photos to mind made my mouth water.

"Causa" dish. Photo by Sylvia Obén

“Causa Limeña” dish. (Click on the picture to enlarger)
Photo by Sylvia Obén

As my classmates and I walked in search of a classic Peruvian restaurant we stumbled upon a quaint, little one called La Preferida. We wanted to try a bit of everything, and this looked like the place to do so.

As we sat down to eat, I remembered the dish that looked most appealing from my teacher’s link and quickly ordered it. The famous dish is called causa limeña. In my opinion, the color and texture of this dish made it stand out from all the others.

Causa Limeña is a Peruvian yellow potato made ​​with lemon, pepper, salt, and some sort of meat. This one in particular had avocado and chicken, but beef or seafood could be easily substituted. It was also decorated with a little bit of mayonnaise on top. Not only was the look appealing, but the taste was outstanding. It quickly became one of my favorites because not only did it taste good, but it is also very healthy for you.

Want to learn how to make causa limeña in your home?


  • Yellow potatoes (6)
  • Lemons (2)
  • five slices of yellow pepper
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Oil (one tablespoon)
  • Meat, poultry or seafood of your choice
  • mayonnaise


  • Boil potatoes with salt and lime.
  • Peel the potatoes and when they are cold.
  • Mix in a blender potatoes, salt (to taste), lemon juice, oil, pepper, egg and pepper.
  • With the mix make two oval shaped lids in between add meat, poultry or seafood and chopped avocado.
  • Finally, decorate as desired with the mayonnaise.


Recipe from Food Network.


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